Ana Perju, A Hair Magician?

13 April 2021 Uncategorized

We are well aware of the fact that most people have gone to the hairdressers to have something done. A cut, a colour, a treatment. All of the above. But have you been to see Ana Perju of Ana Perju Hair Artist? If you haven’t, let me explain why you need to go pay her

A Tale Of Explaining Trade

8 March 2021 Uncategorized

I can’t help but get a little apprehensive when I go to explain to a potential new client what trade “is”. There is also the concern that people will think it’s a hoax, that we’re trying to swindle them or that it’s just not a real business. But the truth is that there are so

A Guide To A Local Valentine’s Day

3 February 2021 Uncategorized

You either feel one of two ways about Valentine’s Day and I’m not here to change your mind about that. But whether you have a sweetie, you’re your own date or if you’re hanging out with your friends, here’s a little list of places you can visit and activities you can do! Disclaimer – yes