Customer Frequently Asked Questions

This is a rescue scheme to help the small businesses in our area to try to mitigate the disastrous consequences of Covid-19, by setting up a way for their regular clients and supporters to buy e-certificates and download coupons to support them!

We (LoLo Loves Local) are acting as the agents for these businesses – we are helping you to buy E-certificates and download coupons from the businesses and will then remit your payment to them (E-certificates).


Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email with your E-certificate.  It will have an authentic code on it, and will be customized to the business you purchased the E-certificate for.  The E-certificate has the ability to be downloaded into your Apple Wallet, be downloaded as a PDF or stay in the email format it is received in.

You will need to show this to the business you purchased it for in order for the E-certificate to be redeemed.  You can either print it out, or show the business the certificate on your phone.


If you see a coupon/discount you are interested in using, you will need to supply your name, email and phone number in order to download it.

Once you have supplied this information, click Submit.  The coupon will then be automatically downloaded on the browser you are using.

If you are on your phone, you will get a pop-up asking to download the coupon.  The coupon is in a photo format and can be saved on your phone or computer.  You can then print this out, or show it to the business you would like to use it at, from your phone.

No, this is an E-certificate system. We will not be mailing out physical or tangible certificates.  And let’s face it, it’s a lot more environmentally friendly anyway. 🙂

However, if you would like to gift an E-certificate to someone, you can do this at check-out, and they will receive an email with your special surprise!

If you would like to buy an E-certificate as a gift, you can do this at check-out.  You will need to supply their email address, and they will receive your special surprise!

You can also buy the E-certificate and send it to yourself.  You will get an email with the certificate.  From there, you can then print it, or email it to the special recipient closer to the date you’d like them to receive it!


Sending an E-certificate is very easy.  You can either enter the recipients email address when you are purchasing the certificate, and they will receive it.  Or, you can enter in your own email address at check out, receive the certificate, and then send it to the recipient whenever you would like.


As the coupons are downloadable straight from the website.  The best recommendation here would be to copy the URL (website address) www.lololoveslocal.ca/coupons and let your friend/family know the great deal you found so they can go and download it as well!

If the e-certificate/coupon has an expiry date on it, then it will be valid until then.  Otherwise, it is valid until you have used it.

All of it, less the credit card fees. There is no-one trying to make money here, just save these businesses, and as above, we are agents working on behalf of the businesses.