Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

By signing up, you agree that we are acting as your agent for selling e-certificates and offering coupons online.  You are asking us to assist you in the online provision of e-certificates and coupons for products or services that you will offer the purchasers of those e-certificates and coupons. We agree to act as your agent, and supply e-certificates and coupons to your customers, and process payments for you, then remit those funds to you on a regular basis (5-7 business days).

The e-certificates can be used for whatever you have delegated them to be used towards.

LoLo Loves Local was set up to help businesses who want to have the capacity to sell their own gift certificates online, as well as have the opportunity to offer a coupon or incentive to reach a greater audience, and grow their customer database.

Please register here.

Simply provide the information asked to register for an account.

Once this is done, we will get an email to approve your registration.

From there, you will receive an email that will state your registration has been approved, and allow you access to your Vendor Dashboard.

You will now have the ability to create your listings, and be seen on LoLo Loves Local!

Easy peasy!

You’ll need to push the site on your social media and other marketing channels. We will be doing publicity about it too, but really this is about you engaging your local community.

Promote this as much as you can. Update your Facebook page, Instagram etc with a link to www.lololoveslocal.ca . Email or call your customers and ask them to consider buying an  E-certificate, or downloading a coupon discount. Find the local Facebook groups in your area, or the Neighbourly groups, and post about it, asking people to support you. Consider contacting your local media (radio, newspaper) and asking them to run a story.

Our system will issue an E-certificates with a unique order code on it automatically. We will set up a secondary vendor account with your own login so that you can track your E-certificates and redeem them as they are used.

A document will be provided to you ensuring you will have the steps to keeping track of your used and unused E-certificates.

When a coupon is downloaded, you will get notified immediately.

When an E-certificate is purchased, you will use a log-in provided by us that will show your sales and redemption’s.

We only offer E-certificates and coupons. We do not mail out physical or tangible E-certificates or coupons to customers.

The E-certificates emailed to the customer, and the coupons are downloaded from the website, so they may have them on their phone, or they may have printed a page out.

You have the ability to upload any coupon design you would like, or we can create one for you.  The E-certificates can also be customized to how you would like them to look, or we will create them with your logo.

Here are examples of what they may look like;

Coupon:                                            E-certificate:

The E-certificate code is unique and will be trackable through your log-in that will be provided to you.  This portal will also show all the e-certificates that have been bought so you can track your revenue.

This is entirely at your discretion. We are just creating an easy way for you, the vendor, to sell E-certificates to customers online and for customers to easily purchase E-certificates from you via LoLo Loves Local (as agents).

How you redeem and reconcile vouchers is up to you.

Yes – this site is for you! If you can’t issue E-certificates, we set them up for you and process the payments on your behalf – no fee. If you already sell vouchers on your website, we can just link to them for you from your vendor listing.

No fees charged by us at all – we are just trying to help you out!

Yes – if you sell E-certificates/Vouchers on your website, we can just link to them; but if you don’t then we can set them up for you and process the payments on your behalf.