Are you ready to meet new customers, fill your seats, and grow your restaurant’s presence?

Calling ALL Okanagan Restaurants!


Did you know you can trade your products & services for the things you need?


LoLo Loves Local has partnered with Trade Exchange Canada to introduce you to a NEW way of doing business…

Many people have used barter at some point in their business endeavors, or in everyday life, as it is a common way to exchange things without having to use any cash. 

However, when these transactions take place, the value of the goods or services are not normally matched, so someone is not getting the full benefit of the exchange… 

This is where we come in…

We know businesses are doing what they can to conserve cash right now, as well as find new ways to drive customers their direction. 

LoLo Loves Local & Trade Exchange Canada are the facilitators of your trading (exchanging), cash conservation, and marketing needs backed by 20 years of experience!

Some local restaurants you would be joining…

So, how does this work for these restaurants?


Well… we pre-purchase a quantity of Gift Certificates from these restaurants to market and sell to our network of local businesses owners and their employees! In turn, they now have credit they can use for the services they need!


User Story:

Naked Cafe sells us $1000 worth of Gift Certificates in $25 denominations.  We deposit $1000 in Trade Dollars into their TEC Account, and list their Gift Certificates in the TEC Marketplace for purchase.


Naked Cafe decides they want to re-upholster the seats in their restaurant, and get new menus printed.  They jump online to the TEC Directory and find FibreNew and Source Graphics who both accept Trade.


Naked Cafe uses some of the $1000 in their account to pay FibreNew and Source Graphics.


FibreNew & Source Graphics now have a new client, and Naked Cafe was able to get things they needed for their business without using cash!


Not only this – the 40, $25 Gift Certificates being sold on the TEC Marketplace will go to 40 different customers that will soon be walking into Naked Cafes newly updated restaurant!

Check out this quick video to learn a bit more…