Evolved Strength Training Studios – We Brought You With Us!

8 April 2021 Local Business Features

I feel like everyone at the beginning of the pandemic was like “I’m going to use this time to get in shape, eat better, get myself in a good routine”. And then the realization of what it actually meant to be in a pandemic set in and we just all tried to survive. Just over a year later and we’re still trying to survive but, we decided we wanted to see what was available to us in the fitness realm.

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In the terms of slow and steady wins the race, we felt that was our best plan of attack. Something we could ease ourselves into, something realistic but that was still results-driven. Doing our do-diligence and research, we came across Evolved Strength Training Studio. At first glance and read you’re almost thinking it’s too good to be true. 15-minute workouts, one to two times a week, could it be!? Personal training is notoriously expensive as well. But there is the option of a free trial and so we signed up.

When you first walk in you’re immediately met with the bubbly-ist (not to mention cutest!) person. Her name is Clara and she is going to be your trainer. There are 6 machines which all look very familiar in the sense that you’ve seen them at your local gym before. The main difference between what you may have done at the gym and what happens at Evolved is working out until muscle failure. This sounds a lot scarier than it actually is but it’s also what makes it so effective.

In your first session, Clara asks you about your goals, lifestyle, previous workout experience and so on. All the weights are adjusted, heights are set and then you’re off to the races. She guides you throughout the whole workout, reminds you to engage your core (aka suck it innnnnn) and motivates you past reps you ever thought imaginable. ANd before you know it, it’s done.

There is, of course, the disclaimer that this workout needs to be in combination with a healthy balanced diet and other exercise. But it’s a great starting point in a non-intimidating environment. I will tell you that when we go, we’re always dressed to the nines in workout gear because we love an atheliesure moment. But there are people that go on their lunch breaks from all types of lines of work. Essentially you can show up in a suit or your scrubs and get down to business. That’s another one of my favourite parts, there’s no gym bag, no changing. The amount of time saved is probably one of the major factor of why we go.

If you’re interesting in trying out a session head over to evolvedstrength.ca

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