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24 March 2021 Local Business Features , , , , Featured

Lolo Visits Organic Tan Kelowna

If you’ve lived in Kelowna for even one summer, you know how good it feels to have a beautiful tan. There is something about it that just boosts your confidence, you become a different person, I swear! But we’ve just come out of winter into spring and so the sun is a little harder to find. So we went in search of a solution to that problem and boy did we find a cute little gem!

Annie Paige of Organic Tan Kelowna has a sweet little spot right downtown off of Cannery Lane. And what she offers is a one-on-one, customized spray tan. She is also the sweetest human and makes being mostly nude in front of a stranger super comfortable.  Never been? Curious about how the process works? Well first, check out our video!

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What you should know before getting a spray tan?

If you’ve never had a spray tan before, you might be thinking about the episode from Friends where Ross gets sprayed a bunch of times and ends up looking like a tangerine. Well, that isn’t going to happen, we promise. Annie is with you in the room, spraying down every inch of you (trust us, it’s a good thing).

A couple of things to do before you go for your spray tan

Exfoliate your skin! Get every little nook and cranny, slough off that dead skin so that you get an even, smooth application. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT moisturize before you go. It can create a barrier on your skin and not allow the tan to penetrate properly.

What do you have to wear to get your spray tan?

Wear some loose clothing that won’t leave marks or move the tan. Jill wore some interesting underwear and let’s just say the pattern stuck lol. You also want to avoid doing any sort of physical activity after, for obvious reasons. There’s nothing like a couple of sweat lines to ruin a fresh tan.

What is the solution tan made of?

This is a great question because I think a lot of people wonder how the solution makes you tanned or what the actual process is. DHA (Dihydroxy Acetone) is derived from sugar. It synthesizes with the skin’s proteins and brings out your natural tan. It’s one of the many reasons why spray tans and sunless tanning are so popular. There is no sun damage, no skin damage and you are in complete control of the outcome.

What does spray tan solution smell like?

Does this seem like a weird question? It might but as someone who has been sunless tanning for years (you could call me an aficionado), it’s one of the first things I check for. The solution smells like a lovely orange creamsicle! So does the mousse.

How long does a spray tan last?

This is circumstantial but typically they can last anywhere from 5-10 days. If you moisturize really well, avoid any intense exfoliation and don’t use any soaps that are too astringent, you can get at least a week of solid colour. There are also tan extenders that you can apply like a body lotion, which Annie sells.

How will I know what colour I need?

This is the best part of getting a professional spray tan vs doing it yourself at home or an automatic machine. Annie asks you a bunch of lifestyle questions, looks at your skin tone and what experience you have with spray tanning. Based on your answers, she custom mixes a little tanning cocktail solution for you and voila, bronzed skin! It takes usually about 8-12 hours to develop but there is also an express solution that can develop in 4-6 hours if you have somewhere to be. Or if you’re just plain impatient, either work.

What other products can help maintain a tan?

I mention above a tan extender and the mousse that I purchased. Annie also has a great selection of sunscreens for purchase and other tanning paraphernalia. Everything and anything you need to get a bangin’ looking tan at home. There is also a full after-care card that you get after your appointment to let you know all the Do’s and Don’ts.

So if you’re looking for a little pick me up, a head start on your summer tan or a special occasion (perhaps a living room fashion show?), check out Organic Tan Kelowna and treat yourself, you won’t regret it! Head to @organictankelowna for bookings and the most aesthetically pleasing content.