Spending Fridays Spending Local

12 January 2021 Local Business Features

Spending Fridays Spending Local!

Sounds fun right? Well, it is but it does come with a purpose.

The holiday season is when most businesses make up their yearly goals and add a little cushion for the dreaded Q1 (or to be less pretentious, the first quarter of the year). 2020 looked a little different when it came to making budgets and the overall survival of our beloved local businesses, which brings us to our latest endeavour. Those fortunate enough to have come out on the other side need our help more than ever. And so we thought as part of our weekly schedule we would commit to finding one local business to support and shop. Because we are aware of the power of social media we also wanted to document these visits, showing our followers what is available right in their own backyards (and surrounding Okanagan area).

So why does this initiative need an entire blog post? Well, we need your help! Any exposure and all platforms are imperative to sourcing great local businesses. We want to hear from you, where should we go? Tell us where, what to get, who to ask for. We would also love to see YOU visiting these local spaces. This is how Lolo started at the end of the day, just a couple of people passionate about supporting the people that love us back. So put them on your social media, you never know who might see it.

While on the topic of getting feedback and shopping local, we wanted to put out feelers are to why someone wouldn’t shop local. What are the reasons? Is it simply a logistical or accessibility issue or convenience? What would make shopping local easier for you as a consumer? And this is not posing the questions to set you up for failure or attack but genuine curiosity. Maybe we can help bust some local shopping myths.


If you happen to stumble upon a gem that you would like us to check out, please feel free to leave a comment here or tag us on Instagram @lololoveslocal and let us know. Let’s continue the conversation!

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