A Local Incentive Program for YOU & Your Employees!

The “Love Local Employees’ Incentive Program is a way for you to reward and incentivize the individuals representing your company on a daily basis.

‘Love Local Employees’ is used as a(n) benefits package, incentive program, holiday bonus, gifting portal, and above all for employee retention and company moral.

‘Love Local Employees’ benefits hard working employees, AND the businesses kind enough to reward them.

The program consists of participating local businesses and their employees earning and spending local credit.

The ‘Love Local Employees’ platform currently has nearly 600 local users participating in the program, and is continuously growing.

We are here to aid in hiring, employee retention, marketing & spreading local love!

Participants of the ‘Love Local Employees’ Program

1-800-GOT-JUNK  |  Dairy Queen – Mission Park | Custom Cleaning Solutions  |  Odette’s Skincare & Laser Wellness | The View Winery  |  Lifeworks Family Chiropractic | L’Amore Bridal  |  Okanagan Health & Performance | MotherLove Ferments  |  Evolved Strength Training Studios | Landmark Wellness  |  Inspired Eyes Creative Eyewear | Pawsitive Veterinary Care  |  Vision Mechanical | Pitch Masters Roofing  |  Bliss Bakery & Bistro | Hyatt Place – Kelowna

How does it work?


Register your business, and your employees with the ‘Love Local Employees’ Incentive Program!

You, and your employees will have individual accounts to house ‘Incentive Credit’.

These accounts are similar to a bank account, just with local spending credit instead of cash.

Each account has a personal log-in to access balances, shop the marketplace, and explore other local business participants!

Shop & Love Local!

Earn ‘Incentive Credit’

The beauty of the ‘Love Local Employees’ program is you don’t have to dip into your cash budget for incentives, bonuses or benefits. 

We will pre-purchase credit to be used at your business, which normally comes in the form of gift certificates. As an example, we will pre-purchase 20 gift certificates valued at $50 each, to be used at your business.  This will give you $1000 in ‘Local Incentive Credit’.

These gift certificates will then be listed on our platform, along with the many other local business participants gift certificates.   They are then purchased by other employees & members of the program.

This means, advertising for your business, and potential new customers!

It’s a win, win for businesses, and their employees!

Reward Employees

You have complete control over what you would like to reward your employees.

If you choose to submit $1000 (20 x $50) in gift certificates to the program, you will have $1000 of ‘Local Incentive Credit’ to divvy up however you would like!

You can use it as you go for:

– Hiring Bonuses

– Wage Subsidy (ex. $2 extra an hour in Local Credit)

– Weekly or monthly Employee Incentives

– Birthday Bonuses

– Employee Benefits Package, with monthly deposits

– A Just Because Bonus…

It’s totally up to you!

What are the BENEFITS of taking part in the ‘Love Local Employees’ Incentive Program?

Benefits for Your Employees

Incentivized & Happy

Incentivized employees are generally happier, work harder, enjoy coming to work, have less absences, and are their employers loudest cheerleaders!

What business wouldn’t want happy, hard working employees greeting their customers and clients!?

Saving & Spending

Employees using ‘Incentive Credit’ for health purposes, entertainment, vehicle maintenance, date night, a spa day, veterinarian services, or carpet cleaning, gives them the opportunity to SAVE more of their hard earned pay cheques.

Quality of Life

The ‘Love Local Employees’ program has participants like dentists, massage therapists, councilors, spa practitioners, restauranteurs, and wine tour companies that your employees can use to take care of their health, treat themselves and create a happy and healthy quality of life.

Monthly Giveaways... on us!

LoLo Loves Local also takes care of local employees by holding monthly giveaways to all participants of the ‘Love Local Employees’ Incentive Program.

Allow us to treat your staff, too!

Benefits for Your Business

New Customers

The gift certificates you contributed in order to earn “incentive credit” will be available for purchase by other employees taking part in the program. This means new eyes seeing your business. and new customers walking through your doors!

You get to reap the rewards along side your employees!

Benefits Package

‘Love Local Employees’ Incentive Program can be used as a Benefits Package for things like chiropractic, dentistry, massage therapy, orthodontics, and more. If you already offer a benefits package, this can just take that one step further!

*Incentive Credit can be used for what isn’t covered by your current benefits package.

Big Biz, Local Love

Larger organizations can sometimes be looked past as “local” businesses due to their size, or because they are part of a franchise. By incorporating the ‘Love Local Employees’ Incentive Program, your business, and employees will be noted as local business supporters!

Employee Retention

Find, train, and retain the best employees! Give your employees even more reason to be your businesses #1 FAN. Employees tend to be the face of the company – so, let’s make sure they’re happy, smiling faces! Happy employees are hard working employees!

Use Case Example of an Employee Incentive Account


Who is behind the ‘Love Local Employee’s’ Incentive Program?

The ‘Love Local Employees’ Incentive Program is brought to you by LoLo Loves Local & TEC Okanagan.

TEC Okanagan, also known as Trade Exchange Canada, has been a partner in growing small – medium sized enterprises in the Okanagan since 2002. Over these 20 years, TEC Okanagan has worked with over 2000 local business owners, and their employees.

The goal is, and always has been, to connect local business owners to new customers, and to encourage our community to shop, support and love local!

LoLo Loves Local was born as the ‘loving local’ marketing arm of TEC Okanagan, and partner in the annual Trade-A-Thon Local Gift Certificate Swap.

Together, TEC Okanagan and LoLo Loves Local are the dynamic duo and facilitators of B-B and B-C connections, and we can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with you, and your team!






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“I can’t wait to work together on creating an environment of happy, healthy, hard working employees!”