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382 Other Businesses Are Finding New Customers Without Spending Any Cash On December 3rd…

You have a chance to support the “locals loving locals” movement.


Get your business seen by more people, build new friendships, and save your cash!

» Are you one of the many local businesses in town that worry about the lack of foot traffic this shopping season?


» Do you want to support your fellow local business owners but need to save your cash for other things?


» Do you have employees that you want to reward for sticking with you?


The Trade-A-Thon is the perfect way to contribute, reward and gain exposure for your business!

here’s a sneak peek at a few businesses you can expect to see this year…

Looking for offer inspiration?

See below for submissions we’ve received…

5 x $120 Gift Certificates to be used towards Counselling Services with DeAnna Zein
5 x $100 Gift Certificates for Torino Ritz Clothing
5 x $100 Okanagan Soap Gift Baskets
$25 Gift Certificates for Dairy Queen Mission Park (unlimited)
40 x $50 Dinner for 2 Gift Certificates for 
Naked Cafe

Check out this quick video to learn more…

There’s More…


» By entering your Gift Certificates into the Trade-A-Thon pool you are instantly gaining FREE marketing for your business.


» Not only will you be seen by other Local Business Owners, but by their employees as well!


» This means NEW customers for your business and NEW eyes seeing you!


We know this is an unprecedented time, so try something unprecedented!

What Exactly Is It & How Does It Work?

For the past 7 years, the Trade-A-Thon has been the biggest Local Gift Certificate Exchange.  A 1-night event where you can access hundreds of local products and services by exchanging your own products and services (in Gift Certificate form).

The idea behind it was for our local businesses to purchase items for their business, for themselves, to reward their employees, or as gifts during the holiday season.

What you can expect this year…

» An online event where you (and your employees) can spend the amount you contribute (in Gift Certificates) at other locally-owned businesses around the Okanagan.


» You (and your employees) will have an account created, and the credit deposited, that you can then use to shop on the online Gift Certificate portal.


» All Gift Certificates are created through the Trade-A-Thon portal electronically. And, they are completely trackable so you know who the new faces are that are interested in your business.

Why would you want to take part?

» Exposure to NEW Customers.


» The Opportunity to Reward Yourself With Gift Certificates From Shops YOU Love.


» The Opportunity to Reward Your Employees With Gift Certificates They Can Spend In Shops THEY Love.


» The Opportunity to Reward Your Business with Marketing Services.



What do other Local Businesses have to say about the Trade-A-Thon?

What You Can Expect…

Limited Edition Offers

that don’t exist anywhere else!


that you will be able to shop like this!

New customers

excited to meet you and your business!

Here is how you can take part in the event!


1. Create An Offer (Gift Certificate)

Decide on the quantity & denomination of Gift Certificates you would like to offer.

(example: 20 Gift Certificates at $25 each = $500)

You can control whether you would like to offer a GENERAL Gift Certificate that can be used on any of your products or services.

OR offer a Gift Certificate that can be used towards something SPECIFIC.

**Once an offer has been submitted, we will purchase that amount from you, create an account in your name, and credit it with the same value of your submission! (Example: If you submit $500 in Gift Certificates, your account will be credited $500 to spend!)


2. Get Your Employees Involved

Do you have employees you want to reward for sticking with you?

Allow us to create their very own accounts that they can spend from on the night of the event!

As a BONUS, we will put $25 credit in each employee’s account to get them started and you can let us know if you’d like to transfer more of your credit into their accounts as a “holiday bonus”.


3. Save The Date

You (and your employees) will have one day to purchase special local products and services that you love, with your own contribution!

Click Here To Have The Event Added To Your Google Calendar

Do not miss out on gaining exposure for your business, supporting local and having access to items you would normally have to purchase for cash!