Trade-A-Thon Frequently Asked Questions!

We thought you might have some questions!

Have a look at what we prepared for you. If you still have questions feel free to reach out over email, or send us a message on our socials.

What is the Trade-A-Thon?

 The Trade-A-Thon is the Largest Local Business Gift Certificate Swap!  A 1-night event where you can access hundreds of local products and services by exchanging your own products and services (in Gift Certificate form).The idea behind it was for our local businesses to purchase items for their business, for themselves, to reward their employees, or as gifts during the holiday season.

All Gift Certificates are created through the Trade-A-Thon portal electronically. And they are completely trackable so you know who the new faces are that are interested in your business!

How and where can I get the App?

Go to the App store for your specific device and search “tectrade mobile”.

Then, sign in with your email and the password you created for yourself.

(If you can’t find your login information, be sure to check your junk mail folder!)

What do I do after I’ve signed up?

  1. We will create you an account on the Trade-A-Thon platform
  2. You will receive emails with set-up information
  3. We will pre-purchase your contribution value & set up the Gift Certificates you have offered.
  4. You will then see your contribution amount in your account to spend on December 1st!

What happens if my Gift Certificates don’t sell on Trade-A-Thon day?

If your Gift Certificates don’t sell on Trade-A-Thon day, we will keep them in inventory, and sell them throughout the year so that you still have your initial contribution to shop with!

What happens if I don’t spend my entire contribution?

If you don’t spend your total contribution (ex. $500), your account will remain open until all the funds have been used.

Is there a limit to purchases or is it “first-come, first-serve”?

On the day of the event (Thursday, December 1st) the platform will go LIVE and you will shop on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Will I get a physical gift certificate mailed to me?

Nope! This is a gift certificate system. We will not be mailing out physical gift cards and let’s face it, it’s a lot more environmentally friendly!
However, if you would like to gift an E-certificate to someone, you can do this at check-out, and they will receive an email with your special surprise.

Are there restrictions on the Gift Certificates?

Please see the description and details within the gift certificate for each specific vendor as restrictions may vary.

What do I do if something is sold out?

We are able to sell the quantity submitted by each vendor and no more. Send us an email if this is something that you would like in the future and we will try to get more!

I didn’t receive an email with my login (or Gift Certificate)… What do I do?

Check your junk folder and save us to your contacts so you don’t have to worry about missing any other emails.

How long will the Gift Certificate be valid for?

Some gift certificates may have an expiry stated. If not, it is valid until you have used it.