A Tale Of Explaining Trade

8 March 2021 Uncategorized

I can’t help but get a little apprehensive when I go to explain to a potential new client what trade “is”. There is also the concern that people will think it’s a hoax, that we’re trying to swindle them or that it’s just not a real business. But the truth is that there are so many positive things to being in the trade and barter community…if you’re willing to listen to the how-tos.

I’m speaking about the trade market because our sister company, TEC (Trade Exchange Canada) is a big part of the reason why Lolo has gotten to where it is today. We had the opportunity to offer our services to an already established clientele base. Now, are you wondering exactly what our services are? Great question! At the moment, Lolo Loves Local is a platform specifically for locally-owned businesses. We offer advertising, social media/video packages and partnerships. So how do these two worlds collide? (and successfully we might add), let me explain;

We keep the conversation going with our clients about the types of services they’re looking for, which change seasonally. If we don’t currently have a particular business in our market, we do research and reach out to vendors to see if they would be interested in joining our network. TEC as a whole is the bartering system. It houses all of our clients, the means to search accounts, see who has what to offer and complete the transaction. It’s very business-oriented and efficient, it gets the job done. Once we get the client on and situated, that’s when we swoop in with Lolo. Every single business needs an IT portion; SEO, Web design, social media, the literal works. We try to take the footwork (and some of the cash cost) out of this integral piece of business with Lolo + TEC.

Now you know I love a personal story and this just so happens to be our own but important nonetheless –

Earlier this month I asking what our clients needed and discovered we didn’t have a moving company in our network. WHAT? This was unacceptable. So we researched and reached out to Okanagan Packing and Moving  We set up a meeting (Covid safety protocols in place and all) and just like that, we had a moving company in the network. In this meeting, we discovered that the owner goes to one of our chiropractors weekly. And so even before he had an account he was saving himself money. We uncovered this just through conversation but we always take it a step further. When you activate your account on TEC, we send you a spending profile. I’m going to go ahead and link it so you can see exactly how easy it is to get the businesses and services you want on trade.

TEC Spending Profile

To honour the title of this piece, I will briefly and easily explain what trade and barter is. You’re a business owner, you offer labour-based services. Your monthly maintenance includes HVAC, weekly deep cleaning and you’re in need of a new website. These are all vendors that we have on trade and essentially you are trading your goods and services, for theirs. Cash saved, business runs smoothly and you’ve made a networking connection. There is also the personal side of trade, meaning you can visit a dentist, RMT, get your nails done or go throw some axes. It’s a way to conserve your cash for non-negotiable bills and potentially get some new clients.


Have I piqued your interest? Well don’t hesitate to reach out, this is such a conversation starter and we would be happy to give some more information. Additionally, if you need any of the services listed above, check out our contact page to get a hold of us. Our response time is lightening fast loll.



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