Ever Had A Hydrafacial? We took you with us!

27 April 2021 Uncategorized

There is something that happens to everyone’s skin (and mood) when the sun starts shining. You get this beautiful glow, you feel better, you’re ready to conquer the world. But sometimes you need a little help and that’s perfectly fine.

Don’t want to read through? Watch Jill get a Hydrafacial¬†here

That’s where Janice and her team at Serenity Aesthetics Laser come in. They offer a multitude of medical-grade spa services including laser treatments, microdermabrasion, micro-needling, dermaplaning and more. The treatment we chose to have for this specific appointment was the Signature Hydrafacial. Why this treatment? Well, there are a couple of reasons;

1- It was Jill’s first time (ever) getting a facial and this is the perfect beginner treatment not to overwhelm the skin

2- This is a great way to get your skin ready for the different season (ie. from winter to spring, spring to summer etc)

3- It’s customizable, so you can let them know what your skin concerns are, skin type and any sensitivities

What is included in the Signature Hydrafacial?

Well, first you’re going to get a nice deep cleanse. This is super important to ensure the skin is prepped and ready to go. This is followed by a peel, of which the strength is determined based on your skin type, and removes any dead skin. Now that your skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, the extractions begin. Anything that looks like congestion (blackheads, whiteheads, breakouts, undergrounders, that sort of thing), is removed. This is followed by the booster serum of your choice. The serum is fused into your skin for the ultimate absorption. Which, as we learned from Janice, is usually where people run into difficulties with products.

The service is concluded with an application of moisturizer and sunscreen (there is no use in getting skin care treatments if you aren’t going to use an SPF, by the way).

The results are immediate in the sense that you can see your skin glowing. The aftermath is the products you apply on after sink into the skin far easier, allowing them to do their job properly. You will also boost the skin cycle, allowing for fresh and newer skin to come in.


If you’re looking to pamper yourself and any other medispa-related service, head on over to visit Janice and her team over at Serenity Spa.

For a full list of their services, head over to their website Serenity Aesthetics

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