We Ate At Surf Side California Taco…Need We Say More?

3 May 2021 Uncategorized

Taco’s And Burritos And Totchos Oh My.

A Vlog About Food, Classic.

On this week’s episode of SFSL, we went to visit the delicious Surf Side California Taco truck. Now for some reason, people really love it when we visit food-related places, it’s one of our highest watched videos.

So for your viewing pleasure, watch our Youtube video here.

If you’re ever driving down the road and happen to see a vibrant green food truck with some heavy California vibes, chances are that is the Surf Side California food truck. Now what’s great about that is they do have a permanent location at Harley Davison where you can find them typically Wednesday to Saturday and at local markets on Sundays. *Disclaimer* – please check their schedule on the website as well as their Facebook page, they update their times and locations frequently.

On this particular occasion, we went to visit them on a Thursday evening (sometimes we have to spend local on a Thursday, don’t come for us in the comments please). They have a sweet little spot just outside of the brewery and two outdoor locations to eat your goods. We visited them prior to the indoor closure, so you’ll notice in the video that we’re upstairs at Bar Owl, which unfortunately isn’t the case at the moment.

You can choose from tacos and burritos, they have meat and veggies options and churros. But my favourite thing was the Totchos…oh my wordddd. Loaded tater tots with the works. Crispy, soft, delicious little bites. Make sure to add these to your order.

On top of food that is YUM, Heidi and Ian, the owners, are so sweet and will engage you in conversation as soon as you get to the truck. Ask them about their story, it’s a good one. Surf Side came to be in 2013 and they haven’t looked back since.

So show a little local love (to our businesses and your tummy) and visit Surf Side California. Check the schedule at SurfSideCalifornia.ca

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