Eyes on You Lash & Hair

Eyes on You Lash & Hair



Ladies, we've all experienced that guy who, ahem, 'forgets' where your eyes are. Well, with our eyelash extensions, that problem will be far behind you!

The Hand-Crafted Lashes are applied individually to your natural lash using Medical Grade adhesive approved by Health Canada. This creates a 'peacock' effect that is sure to keep the attention of anyone caught in your gaze. Oh did I mention that you can lose the mascara...permanently?

Some other benefits of Lash Extensions are:

- Wake up with Beautiful lashes

- Bigger, Fuller Lash-line

- Available in Various Lengths

- Natural & Lightweight Feel

- Perfect for Weddings, Parties, Photo Shoots & Everyday Wear All

EYES ON YOU Services Offered:

• Premium Hair Extensions

• Hair Design and Colour Services

• Waxing

• Semi permanent make-up

• Spray tans and Hollywood Teeth Whitening

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