Strategic Edge Consulting

Strategic Edge Consulting


We're fresh, Maybe a little fun! ​​

Formed by a duo of girl bosses. we're on a mission to liberate you from your financial stress and fears, and make your accounts work for you - not against you.

Our approach is simple, because we're like you.

WE speak your language

WE understand your needs, and we care about your business. FOR REAL.

We provide a range of business services starting from Bookkeeping/Accounting to Marketing and Business development. Our co-owner is a CPA-CMA who specializes in building small to mid-size companies to large multi-million dollar empires.

Strategic Edge tends to cater to the creative innovators as we are not your typical boring “accountants”. We thrive on helping business understand their finances and assist in helping them create a dominant accounting process that feeds all the important information a business needs to grow and make valuable decisions.

We provide outsourced bookkeeping and CFO services. This not only reduces/eliminates personnel and related costs required for in-house processes, but also adds much needed financial reporting detail and cash management.