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Welcome to Zoe Life Healing! Kathleen is a Stress Reduction Ninja.

Most people tell me they do not have stress – we all experience stress, but when we learn to react in a way that does not send us further down the stress loop, we can learn to survive and even thrive.

At Zoe Life Healing we offer a variety of services and products to provide you with options for managing the 8 different types of stress; Yes 8 types of stress, no matter the cause, the effect on your body is the same – increased Cortisol levels, dis-ease within the body and mind, and if left unmanaged could turn into diseases.

At Zoe Life Healing, we meet you where you are at. Whether you are looking to identify your stress triggers, reduce stress, balance your 5 pillars of health & manage your wellness or just want to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind!

Products available: (All purchased from the comfort of your home, with direct ship)

Chemical Reduction cleaning and personal care products

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Nutritional Stress Reduction:

Products that may assist you with better Sleep, Energy, filling the Nutritional Gaps between foods and what your body requires, Inflammation, Weight Management, Detoxification, Protein Shakes, and Anti-Aging.

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Specializing in Healing Sessions for busy pet owning Entrepreneurs:

Our pets tend to feed off our energy and even take on our stress and health issues to save us. Would you like your pet to live a happier, healthier and possibly longer life? Book a session today in your home or in the community.

Working to clear your pets’ and help you identify the stresses they are trying to protect you from.

Services Available: (Grab a gift certificate for any service today! Stress reduction sessions, make great gifts!)

Hot Stone Massage (add on Cold Stone – for acute injuries)

Relaxation Massage

Add on options:

Cold Stone Massage

Gua Sha


Reiki, Crystal Healing, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Healing Wands, Body Function Testing (Muscle Testing) – test supplements, clear blocked emotions

Ergonomic Assessments

Dog Treatments Including a variety of modalities: Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Healing Wands, Body Talk Access, and Massage.

Programs Available:

Wellness Presentations, Stretch Break Sessions, Wellness Plans, Wellness Coaching, and a 12 Week Stress Reduction Wellness Program, with weekly coaching

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Stress when left unmanaged can cause dis-ease...

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