For the past 10 years, the Trade-A-Thon has been the biggest Local Gift Certificate Exchange. An online event, that takes place once a year, where you can access hundreds of local gift certificates by simply swapping gift certificates from your business!


The idea behind it, was for our local businesses to purchase items for their business, for themselves, to reward their employees, or as gifts during the holiday season.


So, what exactly is it…?

» An online event where you can spend the amount you contribute (in “Gift Certificates”) at other locally-owned businesses around the Okanagan.


» We create each business contributor an account on our online shopping portal, deposit the credit for the amount of gift certificate they contributed, and allow them to shop on the online Gift Certificate portal!


» All Gift Certificates are created through the Trade-A-Thon portal electronically. And, they are completely trackable so you know who the new faces are that are interested in your business.

What happened at Trade-A-Thon 2022?

We are pleased to announce that we had over 250 local businesses participate (along with many of their employees), and in total were able to facilitate the trading of 1820 Gift Certificates, resulting in $468,000 in sales and purchases for our beloved local businesses!


We are thrilled with what we were able to accomplish for everyone involved, and can’t wait to do it all again!


See you in 2023 for the 11th Annual Trade-A-Thon!

a few businesses that participate in the Trade-A-Thon…

What do the ‘Gift Certificate’ offers look like?

5 x $100 Gift Certificates to be used at Pawsitive Veterinary Clinic

5 x $200 Gift Certificates to be used towards Dental Services at Lifestyle Dentistry

20 x $50 Gift Certificates to be used towards wine at Volcanic Hills Winery

3 x $1125 Gift Certificates for Passport Vinyl Flooring at Kelowna Floors

1 x $750 Gift Certificate to be used towards a Guided Fishing Trip

20 x $25 Gift Certificates to be used at Thai Terrace

10 x $50 Gift Certificates to be used at Stone Fox Clothing

Limited Edition Offers

that don’t exist anywhere else!


that you will be able to shop like this!

New customers

excited to meet you and your business!

Why would you want to take part?

» Exposure to NEW Customers.


» The Opportunity to Reward Yourself With Gift Certificates From Shops YOU Love.


» The Opportunity to Reward Your Employees With Gift Certificates They Can Spend In Shops THEY Love.


» The Opportunity to Reward Your Business with Marketing Services.



» By participating in the Trade-A-Thon you are instantly gaining FREE marketing for your business.


» Not only will you be seen by other Local Business Owners, but by their employees as well!


» This means NEW customers for your business and NEW eyes seeing you!

Do not miss out on gaining exposure for your business, supporting local and having access to items you would normally have to purchase for cash!